A family owned company which is well diversified in many sectors, now launching its new venture "Terminal7" A Destination marketing & representation company.
Team at Terminal 7 is experienced rich not only in tourism but in hospitality as well.
This new venture is started with motive to provide, sales and marketing solutions for DMC's spread across the globe.

We are like your own office in India.
Alliance with Terminal7 ensures you to start result oriented activities in India within no time, economically and professionally, thus saving time, effort, investment, and bureaucracy in opening your own office and hiring new staff.

we deliver excellent results, increase of presence in the market and sales, high productivity and general satisfaction.

DMC's/tour operator who are looking for Growth & Development in their business, cannot ignore Indian market for following reasons :

  • Second largest populated country in the world
  • Growing middle-class segment
  • Youth budget travel
  • An increasing number of foreign destinations have made their presence in our country in the form of representations or their own tourist offices
  • Growth in different travel segment like sports travel, adventure travel, self driven travel, holistic travel etc
  • Increased per capita income, and increased willingness to see the world
  • Growing number of people traveling to abroad
  • Increased number of Indian multination's who regularly arranges events and incentive tours in various part of the world
  • Increased use of various locations across the globe from Indian film industry
  • Increased Indian interest in arranging various ceremonies abroad
  • Increasing number of direct flights from Mumbai and Delhi to various destination across the world

Some Interesting Facts & Figures...

  • 17 per cent of the world's population, 1.2 billion people, lives in India
  • Over 1 crore passport issued in year 2014 compare to 83 Lacs in year 2014
  • India is one of the world's fastest growing outbound travel markets, with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation predicting 50 million outbound travellers by 2020
  • 21% rise in Indians traveling abroad in year 2014 compare to 2013,despite of slowdown and currency fluctuation ---- report by tripAdvisor
  • More than 14million travelled out of india in year 2013
  • The WTTC report says India now is the third largest outbound travel market in the Asia Pacific region
  • Out bound travelers to increase in 6 fold in next 20 years
  • South Africa Tourism too says India has become one of the key tourism generating nations for their country
  • The introduction of direct flights between India and Istanbul has led to a sharp rise in Indian tourists travelling to Istanbul
  • According to the Makemytrip data, while Indians would typically take an international holiday once in 18-24 months five years back, the frequency is now once in 12-18 months
  • Kenya tourism board expecting 36 % rise in Indian travelers compare to year 2013
  • U.S. targets 1 million Indian visitors by 2015, eases visa regulations--- Travel News Digest